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August Birthstone Spinel


August Birthstone Spinel's Facts:

Did you know that spinel is just added an official birthstone for the month of august? This August birthstone is traditionally given as a 22nd wedding anniversary gift.

Spinel is singly refractive and lacks pleochroism stone. It comes in a variety of colors, red, pink, blue, black, violet, and lavender. In general, the red spinel is the most desirable color. Violet and purple or lavender stones tend to be less attractive and less in demand than others. Intense red and pinks are caused by a trace of chromium, orange, and purple stones owe their color to a mixture of iron and chromium, and violet to blue color by a trace amount of iron. 

In ancient times spinel was known as Balas Rubies, some of these fine stones become the treasured property of kings and emperors and passed through the hands of many as spoils of war, one of the famous examples is the so-called "Black Prince's Ruby". The famous 14th-century Black Prince’s Ruby in the British Imperial Crown is Red Spinel.

  • Mineral: Spinel
  • Chemistry: MgAl2O4
  • Color: Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, Black
  • Refractive index: 1.718
  • Birefringence: None
  • Specific gravity: 3.60
  • Mohs Hardness: 8
  • Origin: Sri Lanka, Myanmar(Burma), Madagascar, Thailand & Pakistan
  • Treatment: None
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