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Stone Cut : Flat Cut

• GSBIG53009 Australian Opal Fancy Shape 12.27x6.67 Single Piece Approximately 1.89 Carat

Opal  / Boulder Opal  

Size: 12.27 X 6.67 mm

Weight : 1.89ct

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$750.00 | 60% OFF

• GSBIG53008 Australian Opal Fancy Shape 11.80 x7.09mm Single Piece Approximately1.42 Carat

Opal  / Boulder Opal  

Size: 11.8 X 7.09 mm

Weight : 1.42ct

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$350.00 | 60% OFF

• GSBIG52929 Australian Opal Fancy Shape 16.90x11.50 Single Piece Approximately 5.83 Carat

Opal  / Boulder Opal  

Size: 16.9 X 11.5 mm

Weight : 5.83ct

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$500.00 | 60% OFF

• GSBIG52928 Australian Opal Fancy Shape 11.76x9.10 Single Piece Approximately 2.21 Carat

Opal  / Boulder Opal  

Size: 11.76 X 9.1 mm

Weight : 2.21ct


$500.00 | 60% OFF

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• GSBIG52926 Australian Opal Fancy Shape 16.36x12.65mm Single Piece Approximately 4.54 Carat

Opal  / Boulder Opal  

Size: 16.36 X 12.65 mm

Weight : 4.54ct

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$1,250.00 | 60% OFF

• GSBIG52925 Australian Opal Fancy Shape 11.53x8mm Single Piece Approximately 1.66 Carat

Opal  / Boulder Opal  

Size: 11.83 X 8 mm

Weight : 1.66ct

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$400.00 | 60% OFF


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