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Citrine Gemstone

citrine gemstone


Citrine gemstone is beautiful in a yellow colour that varies from dark to light in colour shade. Citrine gemstone which is in high quality is transparent, while lower style, mainly used in beading, can have a dense look. Citrine is sometimes mistaken for the more another yellow topaz, it is in quartz type.

Natural citrine gemstone is rare, and this method of treating it with heat other than quartz stones has been common for many years. In the gemstone business, this is believed to be common knowledge, so heat-treating in this particular case is not considered to be customizing the stone, making it available to the general public.

Features of Citrine Gemstone-

  •    To manifest your dreams.
  •    Clarity
  •    Focus
  •    Inspiration
  •    Visioning
  •    Manifesting
  •    Creativity
  •    Envisioning goals

It is a type of yellow quartz and the colour can be rangers from light to dark. Citrine gemstone is very rare, so if you want to buy some gemstones then you can choose them by their size, shape, carat etc.

  •    Citrine gemstone Cabs approximately 4 Carat Round shape in size of 3mm, the price would be 40 to 60 $.
  •    Citrine gemstone approximately 7 Carat Round shape of 10mm would be of price 90 to 200 $.
  •    Citrine Cabs approximately of 4 Carat Round in shape 3mm of price would be 40 to 60 $.
  •    Citrine gemstone cushion-shaped of size 21mm with price 850 to 1000 $.
  •    Citrine gemstone emerald cut of size 6x4mm with the price of 25 to 60 $.
  •    Citrine Marquise Shape 19x16.7mm approx of 14 carats loose single piece with price 300 to 600 $.
  •    Citrine Pear Shaped of size 21x14 mm approx., 14 Carats Lose Single Piece with price 300 to 600 $.
  •    Citrine round shaped of size 2mm approximately of 1 carat has price 50 to 100 $.
  •    Citrine Cabs in the oval shape of size12x10mm approx 9-carat pair with the price of 70 to 130 $.
  •    Citrine trillion shapes of size 20x18.18mm approximately 17 carats, Single Piece with price 400 to 600 $.

Citrine gemstone is a very rare and beautiful yellow stone which you can buy for increasing your willpower and vision.

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