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Sapphire Gemstone

sapphire gemstone


Sapphire is the most precious and valuable bluestone. It is a really interesting stone thanks to its wonderful colour, hardness, durability, and luster and a variety of the mineral corundum. The most valuable colour of Sapphire may be a cornflower blue colour, identified as Kashmir Sapphire or Cornflower Blue Sapphire. Another valuable Sapphire type is that the greatly rare, orange-pink Padparadschah. An exotic form of sapphire, known as Colour Changing Sapphire, displays a different colour depending on its lighting. In actual lightweight, Colour Changing Sapphire is blue, but in unnatural light, it is violet. Yellow and Pink Sapphire have recently become very fashionable, and are now often seen in jewellery.

Sapphires are available violet, dark gray, orange, yellow, pink, green and black, which tends to be relatively inexpensive. These different coloured sapphires are related to "fancy sapphires" and are often less expensive than the blue ones, yet equally as beautiful and a fine alternative to blue. A rare coloured kind of sapphire is called "Padparadscha," which means "Lotus colour." It is the only colour sapphire given its own name besides the ruby. This stone is orange and pink at the same time and might be remarkably dear.

The sapphire is the lucky birthstone for the month of September. Some believe that the name sapphire comes from its relationship with the world Saturn. Sapphire is believed to brings gifts of redemption, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. Some wore it to keep off ill health or as security whereas traveling. It also has been long believed to have a curing power for natural ailments.

blue sapphire
blue sapphire
red sapphire
pink sapphire

Types of Sapphire gemstone

There is a wide range of sapphire gemstone available in the market and the best place to find it is where you can find all types of gemstones of different ranges. The sapphire gemstone is also available on the website with different shapes and sizes. Also, different colours of the sapphire gemstone are found here like a pink sapphire stone, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, orange sapphire and more. These gemstones can be mounted on rings or can be used as the pendant or earrings. We also design semi-mount rings available with us for variety. For more information and other services do visit

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