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Morganite Gemstone

morganite gemstone

Morganite gemstone is very famous nowadays as the pink variety of Beryl, but it is a relatively recent addition to the list of precious gems. It has been known by the name of morganite only since 1911 when the famous gemologist George F. Kunz named this gem variety after the famous banker and mineral collector J. P. Morgan. Manganese is the coloring agent of Morganite and it tends to arise as little and stubby prisms and is dichroic, showing either 2 shades of the body color or 1 shade and colorless.


Some of the best transparent gems are from Madagascar; Brazil produces pure pink crystals, also as some containing aquamarine and a transparent gem inside the same crystal. Other locations include Elba (Italy), Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Pakistan.


Morganite (and casually saying all beryl) is very attractive for jewelry and especially engagement rings. Its chromatic color, smart hardness, durability, luster, and brilliance build transparent gem crystal appropriate for everyday wear and may be worn out as rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins or brooches. It is worth noting that allowing for the rarity of the morganite, it is a very common and affordable gemstone to be used in jewelry. Furthermore, morganite is becoming a very popular gemstone to be used in engagement rings.

Morganite Uses and Purposes

Wearing Morganite, specifically in pearl structure, calls a feeling of concord, happiness, and inner quality; wore for expanded timeframes, it supports a development of certainty and power that creates from a consistent familiarity with the organization with blissful love. Morganite as well pleads reasonable medication to other people, particularly those with mental or excited issues or physical ailments that make them unfriendly to other people. It is a perfect precious stone for understanding the uniformity in all connections, and in creating forceful, however, cherishing equivalence and expression. This precious stone is especially fixed for young ladies entering pubescence who don't have a mother, and for more young ladies fighting with dietary problems. It as well peaceful pressure, mitigates strain to perform and decreases the example of shirking and "fleeing" from circumstances.

Morganite Birthstone


The Morganite named to honor of financer man J.P. Morgan in 1910. He provides financial support for the Arts and Science Academy. He was one of the most important birthstone collectors in 1900s. Most interesting property noted was its intense red-colored fluorescence when exposed to x-rays, but no evidence found when x-rays source was turned off.

Morganite is a member of the beryl family and comes in fine shades and shapes. These stones have seen an increase in popularity and value. Like other beryl's family stones, it makes an excellent jewelry stone. Most popularly known for "Pink Beryl" in past time.

Size & hardness

Morganite Birthstone has been found in many different shapes and sizes. Such as trillion, droplet, cushion shape, oval and pear shaped. Its hardness is approx. 7.5 to 8.

Color specifications

Morganite Birthstone has a glaring shine and soft color that ranges from clear pink to lovely peach. Its luminosity makes it a glaring, something rich and stunning addition to your jewelry wardrobe. It looks beautiful in white gold sets. The dark color in Morganite is very rare.

morganite birthstone


  •    Eye-catching look
  •    Glossy appearance
  •    Reliable
  •    Long-Lasting shine
  •    Faceted cuts
  •    Eye clean clarity


Morganite carries the energy of compassion and divine love. It is known for heart chakra stone and excellently works with emotional trauma. It helps you to see the reality of life and learnt lessons from it. Also helps in emotionally nourishing and healing to wear as you work through grief.

It brings a sense of lightness, peace, and joy for everyone and abiding sense of the presence of divine love permeating everything. Due to this reason, this stone has become so popular in engagement rings. They are attractive and beautiful, but also carry such properties of light and joy, and a gentle but powerful message of passion and love.

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