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Gemstone Certification

Gemstone Certificates are identification reports issued by a certified gemologist.  Such a report identifies the
type of stone and verifies its authenticity but does not grade on the cut or clarity of that stone. Additionally,
the report quotes an estimated retail replacement value as well as the treatments done on the stone in
the comment section.  Outside of our on-staff gemological expert, Best In Gems, Inc. currently uses Universal
Gemological Lab for all of its certification and testing. 

We verify the authenticity of all gemstones that we offer for sale on our website however due to our
extensive inventory, we cannot offer a certificate with every stone.

For this reason, we allow you to choose from two different certification options:

1. A certificate of Authenticity from the Universal Gemological Lab
2. A certificate of authenticity from the Best in Gems, Inc. Gem Expert. 


Universal Gemological Lab Appraisal

 Cost: $75

 Processing Time: 2-4 weeks

-  Independent gemological institution located in New York City, NY

-  Below is a picture of a sample appraisal

Best in Gems Certificate of Authenticity

-  Cost: $10

-  Processing Time: 3-5 business days

-  Gem Expert on staff at Best in Gems, Inc.

Additional Notes

-  You must order the certificate at the time you place the order.

-  If you order an item with more than one stone, the lab will only test one gem from the pair or the lot.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via e-mail at 
or call our office at 614-742-7466

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