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Gemstone's Clarity


Clarity Characteristics: Affects transparency, brilliance, or durability which have the most influence on value.

 1.) Eye clean: No inclusions visible to the unaided eye.

 2.) Cloudy: Any hazy or milky area that can’t be described as a feather, fingerprint, or group of included crystals or needles.

 3.) Feather: Any separation or break, color zoning, parting, and fracture in a stone.

 4.) Slightly Included: Minute inclusions to see with the unaided eye. Like: Liquid, needles, and fingerprints.

 5.) Moderately included: Minor inclusions are easy to see, including crystals, breaking, color zoning, and clouds.

 6.) Heavily Included: Large, prominent inclusions that cause durability problems or loss of transparency.

 7.) Rutile/needle inclusions: A long thin inclusion that can be a solid crystal or a hollow tube that might be filled with liquid or gas.

 8.) Pinpoint: Minute inclusion, a tiny dot enclosed with a gem.

 9.) Opaque: No transparency.

 10.) VVS: Very very slightly included. Extremely difficult to see in the face-up position.

 11.) VS1/VS2: Very slightly included. Minor inclusions that are difficult to see.

 12.) SI1/SI2: Slightly Included. Very easy to see under a 10X loupe.

 13.) I1/I2: Included. Visible to the unaided eye.
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