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Gemstone's Cutting & Shapes

Colored stone cut:

Colored stone Cut: Refer to the shape and arrangement of the gem’s facets. All faceted gems are a variation on one of the three main cut styles: Brilliant cut, Step cut, and Mixed Cut. Brilliant cut: Triangular or kite- shaped facets that radiate from the center toward the girdle.

Step cut: Mainly square and rectangular facets arranged in concentric rows.

Mixed cut: Combines brilliant-cut and step-cut facets in the same stone.

#Square shape may be fashioned into a princess cut, Radiant cut, Asscher cut, and the Cushion cut.

Princess cut: A square or rectangular modified brilliant-cut with four sharp corners.Origins in the early “french cut”.

Asscher cut: 58 to 74 step-cut facets, a small table, high crown, steep pavilion, and a distinct X in the gemstone’s table with a wider cropped corner. Developed by the Asscher brothers in 1902 of Holland.

Radiant cut: A square and rectangular-shaped gemstone with brilliant-cut facet pattern on the crown and pavilion with beveled corners. Created by Henry Grossbard in 1976.

Cushion cut: Combines a square and rectangular-shaped gemstone with a softer, more rounded corner. Diamond cut: the symmetry and polish are two important aspects of this cut. This cut doesn’t refer to shape.

Rose-cut: Rose cut has a round cabbed flat base and a faceted top. However, this isn’t a standard cutting method.

Flat cut: There is a two-dimensional flat plane shape.

Buff Top: the top is domed on cabochon cut while the bottom contains facets on its pavilion below the girdle.

Cabochon: A smooth round polished gem with a dome top and a flat or curved base. Opaque or translucent rough is often cut into cabochon.

Carving: Decorating with designs or figures cut on the surface. Single cut: The cut with table, eight crown facets, eight pavilion facets, and a culet.

Smooth cut: A flat, regular surface make the same level. Concave cut: Having an outline that curves inward like the interior of a circle.

Honeycomb cut: A structure of hexagonal cells of wax, made by bees.

Briolette cut: Briolette is a faceted teardrop. It also resembles a full roundel pear or a double rose cut.

Teardrop Shape: Same alike briolette shape but don’t have to faceted.

Checkerboard top: Cutting style with triangular facets so its crown on table resembles a checkerboard. Often used on transparent and translucent stones.
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