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Amethyst Gemstone

amethyst gemstone


Gemstone has been friends with humans for so long. It just not helps humans to overcome their astrology as well as a planetary effect but also positively leads the life. Here, we can read and know about the Amethyst Gemstones.

Amethyst Gemstones are the one with lovely purple colour and they are the most popular gemstones for jewellery. They are mainly associated with crystal, also known as Crystal healing.

What are the features of the product?

  •    Protection
  •    Intuition
  •    Spirituality
  •    Helping to overcome the addictions.
  •    Clears negativity and confusion.
  •    Helps in mediation
  •    Purification
  •    Wisdom

Amethyst gemstone is also known as powerhouse stone with many benefits-

  •    It vibrates at a high frequency, it creates a fizz of spiritual protection against negative energy.
  •    Amethyst gemstone awakens higher awareness and facilitates meditation, consciousness, instinct and intuition.

You can use these stones in jewellery, hence they are very popular. Amethyst Gemstones are readily available and affordable. They are tough enough to be durable.

They are available in a huge range of sizes forms and shapes. Amethyst jewellery is beautiful and powerful. They are also beneficial with the price and very affordable.
Let's see some of the styles of Amethyst Gemstones-

  •    Lavender Amethyst Cabs of 9*7mm of oval approx. 10 carat, price 40 to 60 $.
  •    Amethyst trillion of 11 mm of 5-carat price would be 100 to 120 $.
  •    Amethyst princess cut to size 2mm of 2 carats, the price would be 30 to 50 $.
  •    Amethyst Approximately 4 Carat Emerald Cut 6x4mm of price 40 to 60 $.
  •    Amethyst Approximately 4 Carat Oval 8x6mm of price 50 to 80 $.
  •    Amethyst Emerald Cushion Shape 11.4x10.6mm Approximately Total 11.85 Carats Loose Pair of price 300 to 500 $.
  •    Amethyst Emerald Cushion Shape 12.34x11.87mm Approximately Total 7.56 Carats Loose Single Piece of price 190 to 300 $.
  •    Amethyst Faces Cooing 10mm Approx. 10 Carat of price 30to 60 $.
  •    Amethyst Pear Shape 14x9mm Approx. 7.50 Carat of price 160 to 400 $.
  •    Green Amethyst Cushion 16x12mm Single Piece Approximately 10 Carat of price 40 to 70 $.
  •    Amethyst Trillion 7mm matched pair approximately 2.28 Carat price would be 25 to 60 $.

There are many gemstone shopping websites where you can buy amethyst gemstones of your choice, shape, design, cut etc.

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