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Iolite Gemstone

iolite gemstones

Iolite gemstone, also known as Vision Stone is a Blue Sapphire. It clears all the forms of opinions, thoughts and enhances the intuition power of the person. Iolite gemstone helps the person in realizing and understanding the addiction causes. With this gemstone, you will be able to express a person truly about himself in the outside world with more confidence. Iolite gemstone solves the problems of a person in their life. It makes the person capable so that he may take care of himself and does not rely on anyone else it means he should be on his own terms and conditions.

  •    Iolite gemstone is the stone of higher ideals and valuable knowledge with higher awareness as it impacts the crown chakra.
  •    It is a Gemstone that is used in Insomnia and impact positivity on the sleep cycle.
  •    Iolite gemstone keeps a person safe from diseases and also increases immunity and give strength to a person's aura.
  •    Iolite gemstone directs a person to stability and independence.
  •    Iolite gemstone is a very moral gemstone for those involved in intense physical activities.
  •    Iolite gemstone activates the creative mind of human beings to access thoughts and innovative ideas.
  •    Iolite gemstone is the best source of power.
  •    Iolite gemstone regulates the digestion process of a person.
  •    Iolite gemstone makes the mind calm and peaceful and encourages hope.
  •    Iolite gemstone helps the person in making appropriate decisions so that he may proceed further towards the way to success.
  •    This stone offers the emotional distance that is needed for a clear viewpoint.
  •    It balances the aspects of both male and female and also brings synchronization.
  •    Iolite gemstone carries violet and blue colour energy that activates and also helps a person to communicate briefly with others.
  •    The addiction habits of the person will also get relief through the iolite gemstone. This will motivate a person's self-confidence so that he can prove himself in front of this world.

The Iolite Gemstone comes in a combination of blue and purple colour. It is also known as the Vikings' compass to provide direction spiritually and physically.

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