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Tourmaline Gemstone
tourmaline gemstone


A tourmaline is basically a crystalline mineral consisting of boron silicate along with other elements like iron, sodium, potassium and various others. It comes exclusively under the category of semi-precious stones. Among the wide variety of gemstones available in the market, tourmaline is actually the most colourful of them all and occurs in an extensive variety of bright colours like green, pink, blue and the multi-coloured ones are the most popular ones. These gemstones also occur in various shades and tones of the previously mentioned colours due to which they are undoubtedly known as those particular gemstones with the highest variety of colour ranges. The tourmaline gemstones generally hold a high market value but the ones which are easily available and more of a common sight, come at a comparatively lower price. The most exotic and highly expensive variety of tourmaline gemstone is that neon-blue one which is popularly known as Paraiba Gemstone.

Tourmalines are extensively used for adding that irresistible beauty to all kinds of jewellery products because their bright colour ranges go hand-in-hand with various types of top-notch metals. A number of gorgeous designs are easily available featuring those perfect tourmaline gemstones like on jewellery pieces like cocktail rings and beautiful necklaces. Such products ensure full and well-defined colour, cut, clarity and carat. The colours provided by these gemstones on the jewellery pieces are so unique that they actually appear different in different angles. Cut in the form of baguettes, octagons or marquise helps in redefining their bright colours even better. Nowadays, such extensive variety of tourmaline jewellery is also available, especially made out of yellow gold or even white gold.

The tourmaline gemstone can help in providing a number of beneficial factors for improving one's health conditions in various ways apart from its physical beauty which causes a lot of attraction towards this particular kind of gemstone. Such benefits can be seen in the form of helping one to detoxify, reduce unnecessary fat and retention of water from the body, providing support to liver and kidneys and most importantly helping in the much-required elimination of toxic substances from the body.

These are some of the most exclusive variety of gemstones which are being used in more and more items of jewellery and making customers fall instantly in love with them and such unique pieces are now also available on online websites from where one can easily get hold of their much-desired jewellery featuring these gorgeous gemstones.

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