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Turquoise Gemstone

turquoise gemstone


Health - Wisdom - Protection

Every month of the calendar year has a significant gemstone. The month of December is associated with Turquoise. This gemstone is a unique shade of blue which is the perfect birthstone for the December winters.

The Turquoise Gemstone is one of the most legendary stones which has a rock star status of healing minerals. The Turquoise is a dazzling blue-green shade and that is why it is called a Rhythmic Bluestone. It goes to the ancient Egyptian culture around 6000 BC where king Tutakaman and Queen Cleopatra used the Turquoise. Because of the ancient traders using the silk route, Turquoise became famous in Europe and the royal families started using this precious stone.

The deep shades of blue and green depending on the copper and iron present in the stone the Turquoise crystal color evokes a dazzling image of the water surrounded by an island. That is the color of Turquoise. This crystal symbolizes the oceans that flood the earth's surface and what makes this stone stand out is the natural pattern of spider webbing on the stone due to its deposits of iron oxide gives a striking visual effect. Turquoise is Aqua.

Turquoise Gemstone is a protective stone that has been used for thousands of years, this stone is a spiritual balm to the heart and has been used to heal emotional wounds and chronic stress. This stone has energetic vibrations which are linked to the life-giving elements like water and air.

Turquoise can be used while meditation because it has the healing energy of water which is a life element connected to the earth. Turquoise can be used as a good luck charm for health and abundance and it can be used to realign our energy centers which help to clear the path for a better consciousness.

The turquoise is an eye-catching vibrant stone with its bright color and it adds beauty to our wardrobe. The turquoise is like a multivitamin to our soul because it gives us a positive effect and a charismatic glow which boosts our self-confidence.

This is a very positive stone that can be used in making rings, earrings, necklaces and many more types of jewelry. It brings positivity and confidence to the person having it. Its different shade of bluish-green is very attractive to the human eye.

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