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Cut : Buff Top


Cut : Faceted


Birth Month : September

• DPBIG45513 Blue Sapphire Drop Heart Shape 8mm Drilled Bead Line 10 Pieces

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  

Size: 8 X 8 mm

Weight : 25.00ct

1 In Stock


$50.00 | 60% OFF

• DPBIG44263 Blue Sapphire Drop Heart Shape 10x10mm to 12x12mm Drilled Bead Line 0f 5

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  

Size: 12 X 12 mm

Weight : 22.25ct

7 In Stock


$60.00 | 60% OFF

• DPBIG37327 Blue Sapphire Drops Almond Shape 13x8mm to 10x7mm Drilled Beads 11Pieces Line

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  

Size: 13 X 8 mm

Weight : 36.00ct

2 In Stock


$75.00 | 60% OFF

• DPBIG30797 Sapphire Drops Heart Shape 13x13mm to 10x10mm Drilled Beads 5 Pieces Line

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  

Size: 13 X 13 mm

Weight : 30.00ct

3 In Stock


$45.00 | 60% OFF

• DPBIG30066 Blue Sapphire Beads Roundelle Shape 10mm To 6mm Accent Bead Ready To Wear Necklace

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  


Weight : 3.05ct

4 In Stock


$500.00 | 60% OFF

• DPBIG28237 Blue Sapphire Drop Oval 27X18MM Drilled Bead Single Pendant Piece

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  

Size: 27 X 18 mm

Weight : 36.50ct

1 In Stock


$50.00 | 60% OFF

• DPBIG13883 Blue Sapphire Beads Rondelle Shape 10-11mm Accent Bead 6 Inch Line

Sapphire  / Blue Sapphire  


Weight : 191.00ct

1 In Stock


$120.00 | 60% OFF

• BDBIG3070 Orange Sapphire Beads Rondelle 2.5-3mm Graduated ready to wear Necklace

Sapphire  / Orange Sapphire  

Size: 2.5 X 3.5 mm

Weight : 89.95ct

1 In Stock


$550.00 | 60% OFF


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